Old barn latch, Stuart's Draft. ©Bruce Young


Barn Preservation

Barns are often on the Most Endangered List of historic preservation organizations. Changing farming practices, together with the complexity and costs of maintaining them, have contributed to their loss nationwide.

HLF developed a sense of urgency about barns in 2017, when a local family invited us to tour an historic barn that it intended to sell for its lumber. The barn had some issues, as many older barns do, but it was in mostly stable condition.

Since then, HLF has had some preliminary discussions with the Rockbridge Historical Society on drawing attention to barns as historic assets. As one result, the two organizations have decided that next May —  2019’s Preservation Month — we will collaborate to celebrate and promote greater appreciation of area barns.

Among the likely activities are a tour and architectural presentation at an area barn and a joint public exhibit using photographs, paintings, and text to illustrate the historic, architectural, social and economic importance of barns, the threats they face and the need for their preservation.

While not intended as an inventory of barns, HLF’s The Architecture of Historic Rockbridge does have some barn documentation with photographs by the book’s author, Dan Pezzoni.

This site will keep you up to date on specific activities planned for May 2019 and afterward.

Turnpike Road barn. ©Jennifer Law Young

Barn in snow, Kerr's Creek. ©Bruce Young

Buffalo Forge barn. HLF photo

Red barn in Denmark. HLF photo

White barn in Fairfield. HLF photo

Dairy barn in Brownsburg. ©Bruce Young

Bank barn near Rockbridge Baths. ©Bruce Young

Snowy barn near Kerr's Creek. ©Jennifer Law Young

Old barn being disassembled near Lexington on Midland Trail. ©Jennifer Law Young

Barn on Smoky Row. ©Jennifer Law Young

Horse and barn on Bethany Road. ©Jennifer Law Young

Barn foundation detail, Alone Mill. ©Jennifer Law Young

Small bank barn, Big Hill Road. ©Jennifer Law Young

Bank barn, Sugar Creek. ©Jennifer Law Young

Barn with American Flag on Union Run. ©Jennifer Law Young

Barn on Turnpike Road. ©Jennifer Law Young

Old log barn in Bird Forest hollow near House Mountain. ©Jennifer Law Young

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