Stained glass windows at First Baptist Church (originally known as Lexington African Baptist Church), c. 1894, Main Street, Lexington. ©Jennifer Law Young


Black History Profiles

These oral history transcriptions are excerpted from The House on Fuller Street, by Beverly Tucker.

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  • Emily Adamson

  • Leslie Cauthern

  • Ted DeLaney

  • Falvorees Jones

  • Edlow Morrison

  • Margaret Scott

  • Alice Sloan

  • Irma Thompson

  • Alexander Wood

The House on Fuller Street is a collection of memories of the people and places in the African American neighborhoods in Lexington — from the days of emancipation, through segregation, and to the present day. The recollections were initially recorded as oral histories by HLF under Dr. Tucker’s direction. The House on Fuller Street is available in the HLF Store.