Ceiling medallion, Jack Roberson House, Lexington. ©Bruce Young


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Latest Newsletter- Winter 2019

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November 1, 2018 --
Bartenstein Joins Lexington Architectural Review Board

HLF Board member Arthur Bartenstein has been appointed by Lexington City Council to a four-year term on the Architectural Review Board. Historic local architecture is, of course, HLF’s overarching concern. Arthur, a leading landscape architect, has long been an outspoken activist on preservation issues and recently created a yeoman survey of Lexington's heritage and future prospects.

October 15, 2018 --
Newman Appointed to Cemetery Advisory Board

HLF Board member Mary Newman has been named to a two-year term on the Cemetery Advisory Board by Lexington City Council. The city’s two cemeteries are one of HLF’s areas of keen ongoing interest, (link to that page on our web site) and the foundation has been working with the Advisory Board and city officials for many months to develop plans for restoring and rehabilitating both Stonewall Jackson and Evergreen Cemeteries, and, with burial space increasingly limited, to help shape a suitable future for each. Learn more about the proposed cemetery development master plan.