Belvedere at Blandome, c. 1830, Lexington. ©Jennifer Law Young


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The House on Fuller Street, by Beverly Tucker.

A collection of memories of the people and places in the African American neighborhoods in small town Lexington, Virginia, from the days of emancipation, through segregation, and to the present day. The recollections were initially recorded as oral histories by the Historic Lexington Foundation.

“A strong, sensitive portrait of a diminishing community that has survived long years of discrimination, war and hardship … captures its tenacious pride and dignity” — Charles Bodie, author, Remarkable Rockbridge: The Story of a Virginia County

The House on Fuller Street     $16.95

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The Architecture of Historic Lexington, by Royster Lyle, Jr. and Pamela Hemenway Simpson
Photographs by Sally Munger Mann

A warm, exhaustively researched exploration of three centuries of architecture — primarily, though not only, in Lexington, home of two antebellum colleges as well as buildings designed by such pioneering architects as Thomas U. Walter, A. J. Davis and Bertram Goodhue. Lavishly illustrated; many photos by Sally Mann. First of two companion volumes.

University of Virginia Press

The Architecture of Historic Lexington $39.95


The Architecture of Historic Rockbridge, by J. Daniel Pezzoni.

A new look at the county as well as its central cities, Buena Vista and Lexington, as well as its smaller communities. A rare combination of engaging writing and meticulous scholarship, suffused with insights into familiar buildings (and many not so familiar), organized by structure uses and styles. More than 300 illustrations, many in color and most of them new contemporary photos or rare vintage pictures.

University of Virginia Press

The Architecture of Historic Rockbridge $39.95


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The Architecture of Historic Lexington and
The Architecture of Historic Rockbridge