Stained glass window at Mount Zion Church, Glasgow.  ©Jennifer Law Young


Founders' Awards

Every year at its annual meeting, Historic Lexington Foundation presents Founders’ Awards to recognize individuals and institutions for significant preservation efforts. In addition to the recognition of the award recipients, the Founders’ Awards have served as an important tool for promoting public awareness of the benefits of historic preservation.

Recent recipients of Founders’ Awards have included:


Richard A. "Dick" Barnes

In recognition of his preservation efforts in the towns of Lexington and Brownsburg, Virginia, and his leadership in founding and stewardship of the Brownsburg Museum.

Arthur Bartenstein

In appreciation of his steadfast dedication in support of the mission of Historic Lexington Foundation to preserve, interpret, and present the historical heritage and fabric of Rockbridge, County, Virginia.



Mary Stuart and Russ Harlow

In recognition of their extensive restoration of the c. 1898 Trinity Methodist church parsonage at 106 W. Preston Street in Lexington


Lisa McCown

For her dedication in helping residents of Rockbridge County and beyond document and better understand the rich architectural heritage of our area through her work in Leyburn Library’s Special Collections at Washington and Lee University.



Skip Ravenhorst and Seth Goodhart

For restoration of the 1873 Beechenbrook Chapel at Jordan’s Point, Lexington



Cliff DeVito and Chris Walker

For their restoration of Forest Oaks, c. 1806 near Natural Bridge



Brownsburg Community Association

For the Brownsburg Museum in northern Rockbridge County


Janie and Will Harris

For rehabilitation of the c. 1846 Evans House in Lexington


John Adamson

For restoring the Hopkins House, c. 1845, in downtown Lexington


Previous Recipients of Founders Awards include: