Belvedere at Blandome, c. 1830, Lexington. ©Jennifer Law Young


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Return to Fuller Street, by Beverly Tucker.

The companion book to The House on Fuller Street, this book offers an important glimpse into the lives of people who have lived through difficult times—surviving and, in some cases, thriving. Their stories, experiences, feelings, and opinions were collected through oral histories and provide a collective memory of the people and places in the African American neighborhoods in Lexington, Virginia.

“Women’s voices ring with special clarity here, their leadership and sensitivity balancing known community traditions and new cultural change. Their language, labors, and laughter quilt together the vivid textures of Lexington’s local history. Singularly and jointly, they weave neighborly threads that embroider national narratives, witnessing a century of American lives. Families and faith; school days, professional achievements, and artful play; sorrows and celebrations: all are candidly and colorfully rendered in these recollections. Together, these stories affirm the footholds, frameworks, and fresh perspectives that enliven our diverse community histories.” –Eric Wilson, Executive Director, Rockbridge Historical Society, Director for History, VA Association of Museums

“With this book, author Beverly Tucker has given us a gift. A gift of memory. A present of getting to meet and talk to members of the Lexington community from whom little is heard and less is known. In these pages, we learn of the dreams, hopes, struggles, and triumphs of this cohort and their reliance on faith, family, friends, and education to see them through, and how those factors continue to sustain them today.” –Clyde Hart, attorney, Trustee of Historic Lexington Foundation

Return to Fuller Street     $16.95


The Architecture of Historic Lexington, by Royster Lyle, Jr. and Pamela Hemenway Simpson
Photographs by Sally Munger Mann

A warm, exhaustively researched exploration of three centuries of architecture — primarily, though not only, in Lexington, home of two antebellum colleges as well as buildings designed by such pioneering architects as Thomas U. Walter, A. J. Davis and Bertram Goodhue. Lavishly illustrated; many photos by Sally Mann. First of two companion volumes.

University of Virginia Press

The Architecture of Historic Lexington $39.95


The Architecture of Historic Rockbridge, by J. Daniel Pezzoni.

A new look at the county as well as its central cities, Buena Vista and Lexington, as well as its smaller communities. A rare combination of engaging writing and meticulous scholarship, suffused with insights into familiar buildings (and many not so familiar), organized by structure uses and styles. More than 300 illustrations, many in color and most of them new contemporary photos or rare vintage pictures.

University of Virginia Press

The Architecture of Historic Rockbridge $39.95


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The Architecture of Historic Lexington and
The Architecture of Historic Rockbridge